The Live Your Gimmick vol.2 comp from Tuna Forsushi records is out now! Make sure to pick up your copy to hear our new tracks as well as new songs from The Runz, The Supermen and Long Lost Enemies. We also have some shows coming up where we'll be playing even more new songs. Be sure to check out the shows page so you don't miss any.

We just finished up our tracks for the Live Your Gimmick Vol. 2 compilation from Tunaforsushi Records. The comp will feature 4 bands each contributing 6 songs. It's us, The Runz, The Supermen and Long Lost Enemies. We're just waiting to hear what the release date will be. We'll post it as soon as we know.

We have some new shows coming up over the next few weeks. Be sure to check out the shows page for the details.

We're stoked to announce that we will be featured on the Live Your Gimmick Vol.2 compilation from Tuna Forsushi Records. It's 4 bands with 6 tracks each. We will have more information when it's available.

Hey everyone!!!! We are asking any of you who have ordered any of our merchandise to post pics of it to our Facebook page please. Whether you’re wearing a tshirt/hoodie or buttons, maybe you have one our stickers on something or you just have our cd’s collecting dust somewhere, lol. That would be awesome. Thanks!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!! We have some new Merch added!!!! Go check it out and buy some stuff!!!! We have a few dates in July and August coming up so head over to the event page and check those out!!!

New shows are posted! Check out the shows page for details. More to come soon.


The new line-up is set with Captain Kelley on guitar/vocals, BA Thunderbilly on bass/vocals and Ziggy Bax on drums. We've been hard at work getting ready to play shows and will be posting dates soon. We'll have new pictures and video soon as well.